Antica Murrina Venezia

Venetian glass, Italian design and timeless Swedish classics – jewellery for every taste and occasion.

SNÖ is a Swedish jewellery brand launched in 2002 in Sweden.

The brand was started by Lena, a Swedish housewife, her vision was to create jewellery that could be worn by women of all ages and backgrounds. After having made her first piece of jewellery for his best friend, she got loads of orders.

Now, the brand is world-famous and is represented by 1,200 retailers.

Antica Murrina Venezia jewellery is entirely handmade and hand-decorated.

Its collections with a touch of retro influence showcase jewellery design in which the skill of glass craftsmen and the beauty of simplicity is expressed in its purest form.

Nomination is an Italian brand born out of an ice cream seller’s idea to create something simple and beautiful. He desired to design jewellery that would be personal, conveying emotions and events experienced on a daily basis.In many countries it is a popular custom that after a baby is born, it is given a Nomination’s charm bracelet as a present from its grandparents and as time passes, different charms are added to the bracelet.

Telli uudiskiri! Ja võida 800 € osturetk!